This site began in 2015 as “We are Starlings” –  a collection of personal essays, short stories, notes and poems to my self and maybe to you; ultimately, a giant ever-growing love letter to existence.

The former site name “We are Starlings” was inspired by a Carl Sagan quote:  “we are made of star stuff.” A concept that, scientifically speaking, infers that we are literally the children of the stars; the darlings of the stars.

Much of my writing explores this philosophical connection to a vast, effervescent feeling that we are the children of the stars. The tangible MAGIC of the universe around us that sparkles and ignites when we want it to. And sometimes when we don’t want it to. Perhaps owing to our grand origins; or perhaps not.

I’m always exploring these concepts and possibilities; they are a part of me, and I feel compelled to share with you. I hope to continue these discussions here, as often as I can, while writing some books in the process.

With Love, Amie


About me: I love writing, science and spirituality, hypotheses, reading, fantasy and sci-fi novels, daydreaming, witty comedy, and thinking about consciousness. Coffee-lover and designer by trade. Mother of two beautiful kiddos and neurotic dog. Wife to a dark-humored comic-artist husband. Aspiring Human.

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