Dance of Emergence

Laughter heart
Singing songs
Where have you been
I’ve waited so long.

Spinning down
A web so fine
Chewing morsels
So divine.

Treading lightly
Swallowing so
Leaping to where
We want to go.

Pausing only
To reemerge
Then further down
We must submerge

Brings its wings
Contraptions set
Amongst the things.

Silly, sordid, solid lies.
All together
With the flies.

Catching them
Is hardest, too.
I want to meet them.
Really, I do.

4 thoughts on “Dance of Emergence

    1. Thank you so much AWF 🙂
      My poetry is usually written stream of consciousness style, after I’ve journaled or had some quiet time. It usually comes out as a veiled description of what is going on in my life, or other themes. After scribbling it down, I might choose a portion or the whole thing and post here, sometimes rewriting a verse or two, sometimes not. I started doing it a year ago, and just love it!!

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