Finding ‘Home’

What is the difference between Good and Evil? Are they just labels that we assign each concept, or are they concepts that transcend our mere understanding? And how can I know the difference between the two in this utterly confusing present? This feels like a silly question to ask since there seem to be so …

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In ‘Recognition’ of Happiness

Why do we need to apply conditions to our perceived state of happiness? Can you be happy always, anytime? I was confronted with these thoughts recently, and finally saw them for what they were: illusion breakers. Undoubtedly, the first time I saw a quote or meme that stated something along the lines of “Happiness is …

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Mindless galaxies triumph by Locking mechanisms, each in stride Leaving by the wayside, knock The pocks of craters, grateful stock. Sinking to my knees and then Putting bygones at the end Crass, brass, renegades pass, Not really listening to the grass. Meet me here, again and now, Meet me there within the bow.

In Search of the Forest and the Trees

My professional background is interior architecture. I’ve worked in the professional design community for almost 10 years now. Surprisingly, part of me loathes it… but an equal portion is enthralled. An oscillating love/hate relationship. But the design instinct is ingrained and natural and I will never get rid of it. Design and architecture in general is quite …

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Breathing, misty, Into light Yearning for much more, Despite. Be here now, Walk the line Never straying Down the spine. Follow footsteps That you know They are there before you, In the snow. Do not question Your own heart For that was there Before the start.


Words are always following me. They hang above, trailing me wherever I go. Constantly composing, re-forming, re-stating. Once I have a moment of peace or silence, they flood me like the deluge…. An onslaught of compositions, essays, poetry, and random statements. I am used to this constant internal narrative. It’s been there for me all …

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