Kernels Within

Children are so much work. But I try to observe and let them shine through to me the truth of human nature. And what have I seen?

These little people are pure mischief, pure energy, pure sadness, pure curiosity and pure joy. These are the kernels of which all adults in this world are borne from, and of which still lie deep within. As we reconnect ourselves with nature, god and the pure energy of life, we rekindle these kernels in the fire that was submerged by expectation.

Smothered by the will of others.

As a mother, I am now constantly aware of these false constructions that our society builds, the constructs of expectation, and how easily – and eagerly – we fall into them. How can we grant the freedom of these pure kernels of the soul to express themselves fully? How can we unleash them so that we may live as ourselves, truly?

A few thoughts before I head into the mountains for a few days, untethered from the wires of society that cradle us so strongly. May we be aware of those wires and work together to fray them even just a little bit, so that we may live a little more connected to the pureness within – and not from the false concoctions without.

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