Source Point

It seems feasible to me that consciousness is like a fiber optic cable. There is one source of light, but many, many ‘tubes’ that carry the same light in their own faculty, individually. Except rather than being static and unchanging ‘tubes’ that emit the source light unchanged, we bend the source to our own liking, adding all manner of distortions. Fractals. We are like the ends of the tube, small points of focus, that are emitting all manner of things that are indeed from the same source, all connected with no real awareness of the point of beginning. We are the God-consciousness in focus, because here we see the tangible nature of our attention. Our work and force upon the world.

I imagine God-consciousness and soul-consciousness to be rather everywhere and nowhere all at the same time; flitting from one thing to the next. Flying over us in the night, curling around and blanketing us in love and light. Powerful, but not concentrated. With personality, but not realized. This consciousness is not able to fully “be” in the 3rd dimension and feel the visceral reality of this illusion. In order to do that we have to concentrate the energy into a focus point and prevent it from wandering. Locked in a gilded kingdom of ego.

All so that the universe may realize itself and bloom and grow the outer kingdom as we imagine it inside ourselves. We are the tubes of light, the blooming flowers, the rays of the sun, the children of god.

2 thoughts on “Source Point

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