Breaking bread in utmost haste Singing soldiers, making paste Sought amongst the gravel ruins Partial maladies seek cocoons. Casting nets both wide and vast Reeling in the fishes fast Cranking, beating, Flesh and bone I can’t see past the hues and tone. Fast forward through The muck and dew, Slowing down now, Breathe. Anew.

American Holler

Bloody cowbells leave me be. “Surrender now or follow me!” Parched throats holler, “Come on down! Let us show your soul around!” Pardon, mister, whatcha say? ‘Spirits swallowed every day?’ Why such saccharine in the voice, When presented with such choice? “Chop, chop, sweetie, make some plans. Shout out now, to all who stands!” Reflective …

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The Seeker / Seas of the Heart

Beleaguered, he set sail. Flowing down the waterfall of existence. Not sure of what lie ahead but breathtaking scenery, life unfolding in front of him as a petaled flower. The spider weaves and teases his destiny. As its prey is caught in a silky veil, so are we. Stuck in holes and crevasses tight and unyielding. …

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