Dance of Emergence

Laughter heart Singing songs Where have you been I’ve waited so long. Spinning down A web so fine Chewing morsels So divine. Treading lightly Swallowing so Leaping to where We want to go. Pausing only To reemerge Then further down We must submerge Contemplation Brings its wings Contraptions set Amongst the things. Silly, sordid, solid …

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Seeing seething, seeping wounds Bandaged more than their cocoons. Breathtaking, worldly, in delight Something broken, fangs in spite. Carrying burdens with their back Cracking barrels, stumbling track. Ambitions high amidst the air Spinning yarns, caressing care. Eyes want truth in light and thought Hands wrought iron, sow and sought. Be with the mystery, comforting space …

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Erratic thoughts come from divine Yet I do not think they're mine. Down the road I drive, and down, Feeling something Yet I drown. Farther, farther yet - and still, I cannot process thoughts that spill. Out and around me, dripping drops The descent is longer - then it stops. Pulling, pushing, fates collide Unsure …

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Ribbons dusted, Rise anew Portents, portals, Nails that grew. Searching, intuit Thoughts and stares Running fingers, Stinging glares. Walk the footsteps, One by one See the grains of Salt & Sun. I see in you The ocean blue Let's dive into The One we knew.

American Holler

Bloody cowbells leave me be. “Surrender now or follow me!” Parched throats holler, “Come on down! Let us show your soul around!” Pardon, mister, whatcha say? ‘Spirits swallowed every day?’ Why such saccharine in the voice, When presented with such choice? “Chop, chop, sweetie, make some plans. Shout out now, to all who stands!” Reflective …

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