The ‘Force’ Within

In my past post I related the idea of Unity – that all exists as one, and there is no separation. Unity = God, or God-consciousness. This Unity is the mass existence of all and that which encompasses all. The Source. As such, it seems to me that within it exists energy. Kinetic potential.

Could it be possible that emotions are divine forces of energy wielded from the kinetic potential of the Unity? Is “love” just a chosen force, a chosen weapon, from the kinetic Unity? The most powerful weapon?

Fear and worry would also be kinetic components of the Unity, but ultimately self-destructive. Powerful, but difficult to bear. Source-draining. In my experience, my energy is buzzed and alive when I am expressing love. As if my battery is forever charged and continually revived in perpetuity.

I like the idea of emotions serving as the potential energy components of the cosmic God-consciousness. Emotions in our everyday lives drive and create and keep things moving. Without them, do we not evolve?

I imagine that spirits vibrate the thought forms of feelings, but they are not realized or expressed as they are in our world…here they are a force. Powerful and moving. Motivating us and allowing us serve as both creator and destructor.

Would we create or destroy in our lives if not for emotion?

Emotions are the driving, divine Force within us all. (Cue obligatory Star Wars reference!)

2 thoughts on “The ‘Force’ Within

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