Thought and Heart

I have been consumed lately with the idea of consciousness and thought. Being these ‘sentient’ beings means having the wares to process information and self-reflect upon it. The fabric of individuality.

But a thought is plaguing me: Do our thoughts really come from our own psyche? Our own brains and neurons? What if our thoughts were actually ‘received’ and our brains are nothing more than sophisticated bio-computers, a way to make sense of the information we are receiving?

After reading about how the unconscious is largely responsible for vision processes, and that it is actually our brain ‘filling in’ information that makes our vision so good (not our eyes – our eyes are actually horrible)… it makes me wonder if thought really originates there.

Where does thought come from then? Is God consciousness like a soup that we are suspended within – along with our awesome bio-machine bodies – and we just receive thoughts from some where else? Thoughts from God are permeating and marinating us in a giant bowl of soup?

Does the heart receive this thought instead? Just a wild idea. I have often felt that the heart holds something fairly important. (Other than, you know, blood.) That the space there is more significant than we suppose.

Maybe the heart is the receiver and the brain is the machine that allows us to make sense of it, the synthesizer. Pulling in information; filtering, processing – all unconsciously. Just like vision, walking, moving and eating.

“Listen to Your Heart” by Roxette would take on a whole new meaning!

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