Finding ‘Home’

What is the difference between Good and Evil? Are they just labels that we assign each concept, or are they concepts that transcend our mere understanding? And how can I know the difference between the two in this utterly confusing present? This feels like a silly question to ask since there seem to be so …

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“You Exist Because You are Loved”

“You exist because you are loved.” These words popped into my head after work one day, out of the blue. I remember right where it happened: I was starting the first leg of my pedestrian commute, walking block one out of eight. Headphones on, music loudly playing. And right as I was passing a giant, …

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Who are you? Who am I? A swelling, cataclysmic ride Pulsating, gyrating Bend and contract Pushing and pulling Ever more in abstract Who do we resemble? Who are we now? From the pale moon shadows, Bleeding the cow I can’t even fathom The perfect One here But I am just covered And smothered by smear.

In ‘Recognition’ of Happiness

Why do we need to apply conditions to our perceived state of happiness? Can you be happy always, anytime? I was confronted with these thoughts recently, and finally saw them for what they were: illusion breakers. Undoubtedly, the first time I saw a quote or meme that stated something along the lines of “Happiness is …

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Writing to be Whole, or Being Whole to Write?

I guess I inadvertently took a blogging hiatus, as it’s been a MONTH since my last post. I didn’t mean to, but life got in the way, and I by no means had any kind of blog ‘schedule’ to speak of. However, in the past month, I have come to realize just how important writing …

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In Search of “Authenticity”

Self-expression. Is there any arena, stage or circumstance where self-expression is not wanted? Where it’s a bad thing? I think the generations that have preceded us might have given a different answer than we would today. And if there are situations where self-expression is unwanted, we are slowly ushering them out – asking ourselves why, …

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Adam & Eve (& the Self)

The biblical story of Adam and Eve has always troubled me. It is a story, a teaching, with many pieces that have always felt incongruous in my heart. Maybe I am wasting my time, but lately I have been trying to reconcile myself with it after realizing that there might be some intellectual and psychological …

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