Dual Intelligence

In my last post I was contemplating emotions, and how I believe they are divine forces pulled from the Source – or the God-consciousness. Pieces of kinetic energy of the cosmic soup from which all emanates. The force of emotions are a fairly unique experience to humans and deeply embedded within our nature. We make many decisions from an emotional base. To burst into tears and sob is a truly human experience.

If given the chance to live a logic and brain-based consciousness akin to Spock and what the Vulcans on Star Trek emulate, I’m not sure it would be the best choice. To make decisions from logic without human-centeredness is a cold, harsh world that is unforgiving and unyielding. To ignore and sweep our emotions under the proverbial rug is not respectful to ourselves as human and stunts our evolution. Sometimes I get the feeling that we are headed in this direction; down a road of less nurture and kindness and more intellect and power. Less helping and more ‘sink or swim.’ Unfortunate would be the day that we do for we would be ignoring the best parts of ourselves: Love, kindness, and benevolence.

All the smarts and wisdom in the world will not make up for a lack of love and kindness.

I am slowly coming to the conclusion that true intelligence – real smarts and wisdom – come from making decisions from both the heart and brain. Not just one or the other.

I have been reading much on the subconscious and how this piece of our brain is the main motor for our lives and decisions (although we are not acutely aware of this). In concert with that is the conscious part of our brain – our ongoing thought-process and ‘self’ – a dual component of the subconscious and what we believe to be the source of our decisions. All of our experience comes from these two forces interdependent on one another, interlocking in ways we are only beginning to understand.

After thinking more on the subject of a heart-based intelligence, I ask: Is the heart the center of the subconscious? If we surmise the brain to be the center of the ‘conscious’ and logical reasoning, is the heart the center of the subconscious flow? The receiver of the information, the feeler of the information? Is the subconscious the conduit of our emotive and intuitive forces?

More wild ideas. I know any neuroscientist will explain which areas in particular are tied to the subconscious in the brain, so I am thinking quite outside the box in relating them to the heart. In any case, I feel that only by combining and leveraging both of these dual components – heart and brain, conscious and subconscious – can we fully know anything in this world and experience a human-centered life. I posit that our world needs more of this dual intelligence, for it is the only way we can step forward. Without it, we slide.

6 thoughts on “Dual Intelligence

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  2. Beautiful description of some very evasive ideas! I particularly like the idea of Thought-processes and self being two components of the subconscious that largely regulate our decisions. I’ve spent much time contemplating the same things you have, we have kindred thoughts! Admittedly just in the past couple years I’ve begun to understand the importance of emotional intelligence. I hadn’t realized the emotional gravity of past interactions with others due to the fact that I’m personally a very logic based thinker. This has led me to reevaluate my own desires and direction in life, not to mention the way I interact with people.

    I love reading your thoughts, and very much agree with what you’re saying. our world, and particularly American Culture is juxtaposed to emotional and energetic sensitivity. This is partly because everything is inherently simpler if we don’t have to be sensitive to each others ways of life. Another is that the things we value as a nation on television and culture are also juxtaposed to being close to others. American culture in particular focuses it’s High Definition glamour eye at the beautiful and shallow, while casting suspicious glances at the complexities of real connection.

    Wow, didn’t mean to rant, but there it is. 🙂 Keep being awesome! Much love and Light!

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  3. LOVE the rant 😉 You hit it right on the nose – we cast suspicious glances at the complexities of real connection, real emotion. What are we afraid of?! Emotions are an integral part of being human. Why do we think they are so wrong to have? We have to figure out how to shut off the external junk that focuses on the beautiful and the shallow. They might be fleeting fun, but in truth they are ephemeral. Transient. They don’t matter, unless we attribute them meaning.

    Thank you so much for your kind words – we definitely share a mindset! Love and Light!

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  4. What are we afraid of indeed! Emotions I feel are like the evolutionary extension of our baser primal instincts, totally, as you said, integral to our development as people. We shy away from sincerity because many of us are afraid of being exposed. And we also live in a world that is built on the shallow co-dependency of self-centered interests. Our planet has adopted the infectious consumer frenzy that is built on an inherent flaw in every persons nature, that there is “something missing”. We as humans I think, as they teach in Kabbalah are made entirely of “the will to receive” or “desire”, which psychologically I think may have be caused by our ignorance of our true origins (whatever that may be). However, if you apply the idea that we are all “Searching” for something to everyone, than it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to start suspecting an external fulfillment of that something. And what’s great about external desires, are that they rarely entail direct responsibility for someone elses pain or yours, it’s a seductive proposition to most, because we all would rather avoid pain than sort it out.

    The hilarious thing is that this usually causes heavier long term pain that only strikes once we are confronted with our own contradictions. Wish makes the idea of being sincere and open to another person may be genuinely putting yourself at risk of some very real dangers, although in todays world it seems to be doing the opposite.

    [insert tangent here] American politicians for example and I’m going to butcher/paraphrase what Jon Stewart said, are Salesman who have bought into their own bullshit product. Watching them all juiced up on their talking points, pushing through their own agendas by planning questions all of this is now being rejected in the most awesome/horrifying ways. Look at Trump, here’s a guy who can’t get through a speech without insulting somebody, and he’s favored far more than any other GOP candidate. The Dem vote is going the way of Bernie Sanders, a “total nobody loser” to probably quote Trump. Why? because they are sincere, one of them is a sincerely misguided and disconnected individual, but this is just a tangent.[end of tangent]

    While I agree that we must learn to switch off that glamour eye and appreciate the depth of true sincerely and connection with other beings, as an artist, beauty is the ideal for which i strive. So let’s turn away from the shallow and falseness of the Worlds view and reclaim beauty for what it really should be describing. Not just the shell but the miracle of life within!

    Shit, turned into a rant again. It seems you’re far more interesting to talk to than anyone I have directly come into contact with today. Which sounds a lot sadder than it actually is so don’t worry, but thank you again for responding! X)

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    1. HA! LOL 😉 Loved the tangent again. 100% agree with all of the above. Politics in general have been weighing on me heavy these days, for the reasons you listed. So depressing! We always turn to what is easy, we want the blanks filled in. And for politics, I feel that we are getting so disconnected from the true purpose and effect that politics are supposed to serve in our lives, so much so that we are starting to view it as entertainment. Sure, Trump is entertaining, but is he an effective leader of an entire nation? Is he an effective face of our nation to other nations in the world? It all makes me so disgruntled!

      Definitely love the way you put the goal of the artist – we must strive to reclaim the true beauty, the beauty of the soul and life within! Love and light to you!!


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